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Character Analysis

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The answer she received from Taemin was shocking. So shocking that she felt the burn of tears spring to her eyes, she quickly pushed them away, however, before they could brim to the surface. It was so sudden and so unexpected that if she hadn't been on her guard, her tears would've fallen without her even noticing. Her eyes were a bit more glassy than normal, and the sunlight pulsing into the room helped to make it even more noticeable. Just that showed she hadn't been expecting it because she can brace herself for tears so that her eyes won't even moisten anymore than normal. She had to turn away from the boys momentarily to try and gather her emotions and put herself back into check. Anything she said after hearing [i]that[/i] would be, "I'm Jung Ha!" or something to that effect. She couldn't let her cover be blown so quickly. She took in a calming breath, acting as if she was mulling over what he said in her mind. Of course, she [i]was[/i], but what she was portraying on the surface was very calm when in the inside all she wanted to do was scream that it was her. That she was sorry for doing what she did. She was frantic on the inside; trying to find some way to get her emotions under control again but for once, she couldn't just push it away. She just couldn't. A virtual white flag was literally rising inside her and she was ready to call it quits. How could she continue with this lie when he said [i]that?![/i] God, it was so frustrating. She stayed calm and in control on the outside. The only place she would ever allow herself to lose her pristine amount of control was in her mind. She would not allow her outer appearance show a single thing about how she was really feeling. The only thing she did allow was her nails to dig into her palms lightly. She held them loosely in her lap with her right hand covering her left while the left dug into her palm, leaving crescent moon imprints in her palms, not that that stopped her. This was her way of keeping her emotions in check, under the surface. It certainly didn't help that it repeated over and over in her brain like a broken record. She had to stop herself from biting her lip like she so often did as Jung Ha when she was really thinking hard about something. Her lip pulled back and her front teeth were just about to bite into it but then she remembered who she was in front of; showing that would just as well confirm that his words had hurt her. She couldn't show that though. She could drop subtle hints probably, but she didn't [i]want[/i] her cover to be blown, she didn't want to be found out. Not now, not ever. Especially not by them. Not like this. She just couldn't let all her hard work into creating Soo Ri just be wasted like this. She had lied to her best friends that she had known since [i]childhood[/i], she could lie to two idols who she had only known for two years. She [i]should[/i] have been able to lie to them with no difficulty whatsoever, and she was lying like normal. So, why weren't they buying it like everyone else she had lied to? It just didn't make sense. It was hard to comprehend in her head right now.

She then turned her head and looked at them with a fierce intensity that she didn't think she was capable of at this moment, but somehow it happened. She stood up and said, without her voice wavering, [color=#00CED1][b]"Sounds like she meant a lot to you, but if you really meant that much to her, don't you think she would [i]tell[/i] you that she was coming on this trip, if anything? Being honest, if I ended up in a relationship with one of you two, and it got that serious, I wouldn't want to let go in the first place. I certainly wouldn't stop contacting you either. I would stay in touch. Mkay? So please, drop all your illusions of me becoming Jung Ha because it's not happening."[/color][/b] She said coolly, looking them both in the eye, her posture lax, but serious, and her expression one of irritation at being mistaken for being someone else. It was getting just a bit ridiculous how persistent they were being about this. What did she have to do, hammer into their fucking heads that she wasn't Jung Ha? Now there was an idea that seemed promising. Now if only she could get her hands on a hammer. There had to be a hardware store [i]somewhere[/i] in Japan right? Her inner musings were interrupted by a small, courteous knock, surprising Soo Ri - causing her to jump slightly because she had been so focused - and also tempting her to gesture towards whoever had knocked and been like, "See? [i]That[/i] is how you come into somebody's room. [i]Knocking[/i]," and then give a very pointed look to Key. It was Luna however, and there was no way in hell she was complimenting her. Nuh-uh, not happening. So she kept her comments to herself - for once - and let the idols go on their merry way to go shopping. Good riddance. Less time spent bothering her with this Jung Ha nonsense. Of course, it wasn't nonsense, but she wasn't going to act that way. To Soo Ri, it was nonsense. It was all just some huge coincidence that she looked like this Jung Ha girl that was Taemin's [i]everything[/i]. If she had been some other person, she would've mocked him for



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