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Movie Review - the Pursuit of Happyness

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Essay Preview: Movie Review - the Pursuit of Happyness

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Imagine waking up every morning not know how you are going to find the money for the past 3 months rent. With a wife who works double shifts everyday just for food, and a child who has to go to cheap, unlearning daycare. Eventually, someone in the family will not be happy and will leave. Now you're a single parent, with no money, and a child to support. Now we all know that u can always imagine but can you believe that this really happened to someone. The Pursuit of Happiness is a moving, true-life story of a single dad who went from living on the streets to owning his own company. Set in the 1980's in San Francisco, the film shows the hard times and slow but great comeback of Chris Gardner, who suddenly became single salesman who had to take care of his son. But he soon finds that providing for the two of them is a challenge in the increasingly unstable economic. He struggles to work his way from an unpaid internship at Dean Witter to something better, even as life keeps giving him setbacks. The Pursuit of Happyness is my favorite movie because of the gender roles/race, exciting plot, and its great quotes and lessons.

The first reason that The Pursuit of Happyness is a great is its exciting plot. The movie begins with a family that doesn't know how to keep up with the rent and grocery. On top of that there is only one income coming in, the mothers, because Chris Gardner is a salesman who cant seem to sell anything. To begin, this exciting plot starts at the beginning of the movie when Chris Gardner calls home after another day of unsuccessful sales, to tell his wife he was sorry he wasn't able to pick up Christopher, there son, after daycare. After he tells his wife, Linda, he didn't make any money today Linda decides and tells him that she's moving out with Christopher. With haste Chris tells Linda that she can leave but his son has to stay with him. But it was too late when he got home is wife had already packed up and Christopher was gone. The next day he does get his son and they stay to together. This part of the movie was kind of sad but it brought excitement when he did get his son back. Another example of this kind of excitement was when Chris's sales items got stolen. Before he had a family Chris and Linda decided to invest in a company that sells Bone Density Scanners. They bought 100 of them so that they could sell them for profit, not knowing that nobody needed a portably Bone Density scanner. Everyday Chris would go out to hospitals and clinics and try to sell them so they could have rent and food money. But one day he decided that he was going to try to apply for a stockbroker job and he left his scanner outside with a hippie. When he came back it was gone! He tried to chase her but he never got to her. I though this was very interesting because there went the months rent. Final and the most exciting part in the movie was when Chris got the job as a stockbroker. This was very exciting because there were 50 people each 6 months chosen to get into the stockbroker internship process and only 1 person would be chosen. Everyday Chris would take his son to daycare catch 3 busses to get to his work place. Since the internship didn't pay anything he eventually had to give up his apartment, and eventually ended up at a homeless shelter. Even at this time he still got up to his son to daycare and went to work. So when he got the job it was very exciting to see because all the work he did to get there had paid off.

The second reason that, The Pursuit of Happynesss, is a great movie is the gender roles of each person in the movie and race. This movie goes against most of the roles that a man and woman in a family do. The first example of this comes at the beginning moments of the film. Linda, who is the wife in the family, gets up and gets ready to go to work. Instead of getting her son ready she eats her breakfast, which is already prepared for her by her husband. "Honey, is breakfast ready I need to get to work and remember your picking up Christopher from daycare". To me this shows that Linda is like the man in the relationship and I really like how she takes control. The next part in the movie that had to do with race and how people think another races that are not



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