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Moving Case

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Everyone knows what it is like to have close friends, your close family that you get to see every day, and a place that you have call home for years. Not everybody knows what it is like to suddenly have to leave all of that behind, TRUST ME, easier said than done. For 10 years that is exactly what I had, my 2 best friends, my family, and our home. I lived a typical life any 10 year old would have, after school played with friends, was forced to do my homework, and during supper I got picked on by my older sisters. It may not sound very exiting but it was my life and it was perfect.

As a kid my biggest problem was not being able to do the monkey bars. I realized there were bigger issues than the monkey bars the afternoon my parents sat me down and told me they were getting a divorce. I quickly got used to the divorce because everything pretty much stayed the same. I still got to play with my friends, I still got forced to do my homework, and still got picked on by my older sisters. As time got by the only change was my mom's new husband, yet I still continued to live my happy go lucky I thought. I still remember the day my mom told me I was going to have to move with her to Houston. Apparently her husband transferred to the office in Houston. A part of me was excited, the other was terrified that I was going to leave my friends and family behind. My friends and family were very supportive; they throw me a going away party that I will never forget! The day came when it was finally time to make the big move. Let's just say the three and a half hours from San Antonio to Houston were the longest hours of my life!

I still remember when I got to Houston it was like starting a new adventure meting new friends, having a new home, and starting a new school. After my fist few weeks at school I was beginning to love Houston. Even though Houston was like a new home I would still go and visit my family in San Antonio. but don't get me wrong I still play with my friends, still am forced to do my homework, and I still get picked on by my older sisters.



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