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Multi Projects - Crm System

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Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary 2

2 Introduction 2

3 Business Problem 3

3.1 Environmental Analysis 3

3.2 Problem Analysis 5

4 Alternative Solutions 7

4.1 Option 1: Centralise the Database Function 7

4.1.1 Description 7

4.1.2 Benefits 7

4.1.3 Costs 8

4.1.5 Risks 10

4.1.6 Issues 10

4.1.7 Assumptions 11

4.1.8 Notes 11

4.2 Option 2: Outsource the CRM System 11

4.2.1 Description 11

4.2.2 Benefits 12

4.2.3 Costs 12

4.2.4 Feasibility 13

4.2.5 Risks 13

4.2.6 Issues 14

4.1.7 Assumptions 14

5 Recommended Solution 15

5.1 Solution Rating 15

5.2 Recommended Solution 16

6 Implementation Approach 16

6.2 Project Planning 17

6.3 Project Execution 17

6.4 Project Closure 18

6.5 Project Management 18

7 Bibliography 20

8 Appendix 21

8.1 Supporting Documentation 21

1 Executive Summary

Multi Projects staff, management and directors have always been committed to the corporate vision: "to provide clients with a superior level of service, which is second to none in the project development and implantation industry." However, recent increases in the number of clients and project proposals have compromised Multi Projects ability to achieve this vision. If the number of projects and clients continue increasing and Multi Projects brand of superior customer service weakens, Multi Projects will begin to lose critical market share to its competitors. This problem must be addressed immediately.

Two options have been identified to solve this problem:

1. Centralise the Database function for improved use of resources and project delivery; and install a new, fully integrated CRM system

2. Outsource the CRM system to a professional IT service provider

After a thorough analysis of the situation, the project team recommend that the first option be approved for immediate implementation. This option allows Multi Projects to centrally manage a single CRM system and to fully integrate it with the rest of Multi Projects framework of project development and implementation. The total cost of this project is budgeted at $3.2 million; however the project team expect that the organisation will save $1.3 million per year as a result, providing Multi Projects Board with a three-year Return On Investment. The project team is seeking Multi Projects Board of Directors'' immediate approval for this project and the allocation of funds required to initiate and deliver this project to the business.

2 Introduction

Multi Projects, Inc. is a well-established consulting firm with 400 employees that provides consulting services to a wide variety of customers in both the private and corporate sectors. It has a good reputation with almost 30 percent of its business from previous clients. Its main target of business is growing companies for future business and has demonstrated great success in this approach. With a track record for success, Multi Projects strategy has always been to stand out from its competitors by offering the best customer service available on the market. Now, the pressures of substantial company growth are beginning to create some problems with an employee growth rate of 200 to 300 over the past 2 years.

In the past, Multi Projects offered a level of customer service which was second to none in the market, by increasing the services offered to customers. Additional staff has been employed to enable the company to offer personalised services to new and existing clients in their range of consulting services. As Multi Projects have grown, additional pressure has been placed on these departments, including market research, manufacturing system design, and executive recruiting due to the increase in the number of clients each department is required to support. In response to this added pressure, each department has developed its own format for the utilisation of company resources to support its clients from medium to large corporations, which include banks, manufactures, and government agencies.

3 Business Problem

The following section describes Multi Projects current business problem.

3.1 Environmental Analysis

Company growth has placed pressure on Project Resources

Multi Projects business has grown dramatically over the past eight to 15 years, due primarily to the employment of innovative and skilled team members. The Multi Projects brand is known not only for its team innovation but also for excellence in client service. The combination of innovative team members and superior levels of client service, has won Multi Projects an extraordinary amount of market share over its competitors.

An increase in project offerings, have raised Multi Projects profits to an all-time high. At the same time, this dramatic growth cannot occur without affecting the operational side of the business. Team members are stretched in their roles, teams are increasing in size staff turnover is higher than it has ever been. However, it the increased clientele turnover that is of greatest concern to the company.

Multi Projects operates in a matrix organisational structure. "A matrix organisation model (Phillips, 2010:101) allows a project team to incorporate resources from around the organization regardless of which department employees may work in. Project team members can be recruited, from anywhere or any



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