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Project Network System

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Since this project would be a very inexpensive project, after I have spoken with the Champions local charity retail organization Owner. I quickly have the understanding that i will have to provide the very least expensive Network system set up as possible. Right after I analyzed the project I completely understood that the best network system that would be beneficial to this charity is a Peer to Peer Network. There are several reasons why I will provide that type of network and style to the store, first Peer to Peer Network is the simplest form of network, in that system all the computers are capable of communicating to each other, without been said every single computer can be configured to share some of its resources not all and unlimited access to other resources and most of all in Peer to Peer set up, there are two main purposes, one is to send and the second to receive information to and from the other units. That would definitely be the cheapest and most advantageous Network for the organization because its configuration is very easy and simple to administer therefore less money going to maintenance to keep up with the system administration. That would allow the charity to save money comparatively to the other networks installations; also this set up is very suitable for the environment in which saving money is critical. For that type of set up they would need to buy a router to allow the computers to communicate with one another, also wires. The computers can be set up as computer 1, computer 2, computer 3, computer4 and so on because it's not really so much of a big deal we will not use a main computer has a server. To me no operating system upgrade would be necessary, in the future it's all depend on what kind of set up the will choose, if I would recommend one for them it would be Microsoft operating system because mostly every computer user have used a Microsoft Operating system software before. However in conclusion in peer to peer there are a few disadvantages, for instance there are not very flexible as the network start to expend bigger, in addition changing components of the network or adding can be difficult. They are not to reliable when having too many computer because they do not always centralize resources.



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