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Multi Securities & Service Ltd

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01 Acknowledgement 01

02 Objective of this Assignment 02

03 Limitation 02

04 Methodology 03

05 Vision 04

06 Capital market VS Brokerage house 04

07 About company 05

08 Scope & Services for client's 06

09 Management 07

10 CDBL charge 07

11 Group Business principles and Values 08

12 Marketing segment 08

13 Trading 09

Financial Performance 09

14 Some Important Things 11

15 Conclusion 13





This Assignment has created a great deal of interest in us. First, we must thanks to 'Allah' for giving us ability to prepare this assignment. We also give thanks to Md. Shahriar Parvez, Lecturer of BBA department, City University, for giving the opportunity to do such an interesting work. He was available for consultant any time when we need. By his proper suggestion we have able to make this report successfully.

We also give thank to each other as well as their generosity to support us while doing this assignment, which have helped and encouraged to grow our interest. At last but not least we would like to our parents because only for them here we are.

At last I personally would like to give thank to Md. Mamun due to his reference which we used to consult with manager of MSSL and could collect some information.

Objective of this Assignment:

The main objective of this report is to know about Multi Securities & Services LTD and analyze the customer service.

The Specific Objectives are:

* To present an overview of assigned organization.

* To identify the problems of the company.

* To suggest remedial measures for the development of this brokerage house.


* To find the core information about the company.

* Lacking of enough time for detail discuss and study.

* Unavailability of sufficient information.

* Lack of huge experiences.

* Hard to manage all information together specially financial information.

* The Information provider (executive) of the company was uninterested to provide the adequate information especially company's financial information based on our questions. He told us that all information can not be provided and it may hamper the company's secrecy.


This report has been prepared on the basis of both primary and secondary information. The primary or the first hand data was collected by some of our group members through visiting to the company's office at motijheel, Dhaka. We have collected this data by consulting with the Manager of this branch.

The secondary data was very necessary for this assignment. We have collected this from Company's web site and some external resources.

We have included some of the definition concept through our own experiences.


* To be the top most Bangladeshi security services brand.

* To be the most preferred employer in brokerage services.

* To be an iconic brand providing growth opportunities nationwide using innovative systems.

* To establish the firm as a value creator.

Capital Market VS Brokerage house:

Capital market is the similar to commodity Market. Difference between commodity & share Market is that commodities are purchased for current consumption where shares or stocks are acquired with a target of deriving gains or income either through annual dividends or appreciations on the value of stock purchased. So, the capital market is such a market where capital is sold and bought. The companies are raising and collecting their capital from that market by way of issuing Shares and the person or institutions are acquiring those for getting future benefit by way of dividends or appreciations.

A brokerage house is a place from which a broker conducts business. The term brokerage house is often referred to as a broker, brokerage, or a brokerage firm. Working through a licensed brokerage house, the broker buys and sells shares of stock for client's portfolio as per instruction. A brokerage house may offer a variety of investment products or specialize in just one or two. Typical choices include stocks, and options, as well as government and corporate bonds. Over-the-counter (OTC) bulletin board stocks may be offered as well.

There are several types of broker:

1. Bill and note broker.

2. A commercial or merchandise broker.

3. An



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