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Mun Position Paper

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Laudable Chair, distinguished floor, and fellow humans,

As of times past, the drug pandemic had slithered out of its dismal lair and reared its ugly mane. Now we, the scions of our children’s future, must decide whether to lop off its sallow head or to ignore the snake poisoning our children’s water. We, the people of Chile, choose to don our armor and slay this beast, once and for all.

Our weapon is forged in three stages. Stage one consists of making drug trade unprofitable. Stage two will freeze the assets of the cartels which have been targeted in stage one. Stage three will effectively weed out the final grip that this parasite has on our world through new rehabilitation facilities and the international justice system. I must remind everyone in this room that it is our responsibility, our mandatory conquest to hand over a spotless world to our children.

Before we move on with the explanation, I would like to clarify a few key terms that will be present further on in the debates:

  • Narcoterrorism - Any motion made by narcotic traffickers to influence or change the political or social views of a government
  • Recreational drugs - Any drug consumed for entertainment that has no intended medicinal value
  • Cartel - An association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of upholding high prices and severely restricting competitors

To reduce narcoterrorism, Chile proposes the legalization of certain recreational drugs. This will lower the amount of crime and deaths stemming from drug trafficking. Chile has, in the past, passed legislation allowing moderated recreational drug use and we saw a decline in drug related violence. Soon after this legislation, we ramped up border security through a coalition with Italy. We then saw a decrease in imports of now legal drugs.

Our position involves treating the victim as an actual victim. They have not failed anyone. They have been failed by their government, by their friends, and by their family. They should not be shamed, they should be welcomed with open, caring arms. We propose a plan for cultural awareness and easily accessible centers for rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Let it be known that the beast’s final days are numbered!

Onward to a cleaner, safer world!

Thank you,

The people of Chile look forward to working proactively with other countries.



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