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Murder Report on King Duncan

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Essay Preview: Murder Report on King Duncan

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Victim: The victim in this case was King Duncan the king of Scotland. He has two sons named, Malcom and Donalbain. Duncan had been good father to his sons. They both respect King Duncan as their father and they are clueless of who might want to murder their father. Like his sons the people of Scotland respected the king. As King Duncan is confident in his place as king; he feels that his citizens like him. He is also trusting of Macbeth and his wife. He shows this by visiting Macbeth castle and spending the night drinking and then sleeping there. King Duncan shouldn't be trusting as freely as he possesses a great amount of power. Because of his power he should have been aware of having enemies around Scotland.

Location: This happens in Scotland in the year of 1040, were king Duncan is the king. Scotland at the time has just won a war and Macbeth was the hero. In honour of Macbeth's victory, king Duncan travel to Macbeth castle to announce his new title. He travels with soldiers and bodyguards through hills and open space in Scotland to get to Macbeth's castle. In Inverness castle everyone is getting ready and making food to welcome king Duncan and his sons. Once they arrive it rains and continues raining through out the night. They are invited in and given a tour around the castle by Lady Macbeth, they go to banquet room for dinner to eat and drink alcohol. After many hours enjoying each others company every one goes to their separate bed chambers. The victim was found in his bed room by two men sent to check on King Duncan and his sons.

Method: After the viewing the victim it looks like someone stabbed him many times with a dagger. The body and chamber found all bloody and the body had many stab wounds. A dagger was found on bodyguards in front of the king Duncan room. Unfortunately Macbeth kills both bodyguards when they were found to have the dagger. It is also likely that the king was giving an excessive amount of alcohol before going to bed.

Opportunity: When I consider the crime there are a limited number of people with access to the room where the king slept. The only people with access would have been the king sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, His bodyguards and Macbeth. Malcolm and Donalbain went to bed at the same time as their father and would've been trusted to enter his room. The bodyguards were responsible for keeping others out of the room but would've had ability to enter the room without anyone noticing anytime during the night. Macbeth and his wife would have an understanding of their house and also would not be suspicious for them to be walking around.

Suspects: based on opportunity I have list of suspects who might have killed King Duncan. Malcolm and Donalbain are major suspects. They were also close to the place were king was sleeping, they would've been trusted by bodyguards to get in and they both left Scotland after the murder. The bodyguards are also suspects because



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