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Murphy Case

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Pub is an Indispensable exists in Irish life. We think using Buckler to get into Irish market will be a good choice, because we know that European countries are ageing population, the low-alcohol low calorie beer may be better for the ageing population. This is a opportunity market for Murphy in Ireland because most of customer concern about their health.

And in my opinion, Murphy's should employ a global rather than local marketing, because we think Murphy's market area is too small, I don't think limited in Europe is a good way for market strategy. First, Murphy's market share is too limited, second, we think employ a global will make more profits and will make this company worldwide, so we think employ a global will be a positive way for the company.

Murphy is not so famous in other countries, so we will use some method to increase the brand acknowledge for customer, like we can let people to drink it for free, just like red bull, when red bull first came to Taiwan, it is not as famous as now, and it use this method to let us know their brand, and now it become very popular. We can do this method in pubs in Irish market, because we know that a pub in Irish is indispensable, so pubs are a good place to start this idea. The other one is that we can do promotion of the products; it can give discount to customer so that can increase customer's purchase aspiration. Murphy and Heineken is partner, and Heineken is the second large brewery in the world. Murphy can enter the new market, which Heineken has opened up. Just like Heineken has opened up the American Market and is leading the Murphy to create the substantial value in the new Market.

America is the most profitable and opportunity market for all the beer manufacture. If we want to get into America, we should start from the east coast first and then enter American market gradually. Besides, Murphy can develop Irish pub culture in United States.



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