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Music Has Become a Big Part in Our Life

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From the early day up to now, music has become a big part in our life. It appears everywhere in every form by every mean. Therefore, it is hard to say music is not necessitates. We need it in our life to entertain, to convey our feeling and especially to be our symbol of country.

It is important to have music in our life. Music is not only increase the joy when you feel up but also heal your soul when you are upset. For example, when people gather together in the party, music brings them closer and creates the atmosphere or when people having a lot of burden, its melody will be a relief which decrease the sadness, stress and difficulties. Then, music is a language, a mean for us to communicate. At a very beautiful time such as wedding party, there always be a time for special person to perform a song which is considered to be a happy wish for a couple. Last but not least, music is a symbol for each country. Unlike international music, which is heard everywhere, is too familiar to listeners and is too various that it lose the distinct factor

Traditional music is a symbol of the country. Firstly, it is unique and is useful for recognizing the country. For example, each country has their own anthem and this is a symbol of the nation which expresses the history and the tradition. Secondly, it is created by people from nation and is inherited from ages to ages for a long time. It gives people the proud of their country. For instance, in my country, we have "nha nhac" which is a form of Vietnamese court music. It makes us feel proud of our country. This is a unique type of music which is only performed in Vietnam and shows our culture. Therefore, whenever it is mentioned, people will think of our nation.



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