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Unions Are a Big Part of Corporate America

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Essay Preview: Unions Are a Big Part of Corporate America

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Coca Cola and Unions

September 17, 2012


Unions are a big part of corporate America. This paper will address how unions are formed through certain processes and laws that are a major part of unions. Also the pros and cons of forming a union in an organization will be explored. The paper will also look at how unions and Coca Cola exist.

Coca Cola and Unions

The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) was founded in 1886 by a man named Dr. John Pemberton. Dr. Pemberton discovered the formula for Coca Cola when he was mixing different things. He then took the mixture to local pharmacy down the road and mixed it with carbonated water and began selling Coca Cola for five cents a glass. From there over the next three years a man named Asa Griggs Candler would purchase the rights for $2,300 and later become the first president of The Coca Cola Company ("The Coca Cola Company", 2006-2011).

Today Coca Cola now offers more than 500 brands and over 3,500 different beverages. Its drinks are served in over 200 countries around the world. The Company has become a global icon in the marketing world with one of the most arguably recognizable brands in the world. The "CNN Money" (2012) website reported TCCC 59th currently on the Forbes Fortune 500 list. After celebrating the company's 125th anniversary in 2011, the company looks to continue this powerful driving force through its global marketing and strategies for continued and sustainable growth.

Coca Cola currently has multiple warehouse and bottling locations across the U.S. that has organized labor unions typically for non-salaried employees such as drivers, merchandisers, and warehouse workers. The unionization process typically is the same everywhere. The process starts with workers typically filling out authorization cards. Once this is complete if enough of the authorization cards filed a petition can be filed with the National Labor Relations Board requesting an election to form a union. The NLRB is a governing board that reviews and upholds decisions regarding the NLRA or National Labor Relations Act. According to "Dealing With Labor Unions" (2012), The National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA") is the body of federal law that principally governs the rights of workers to unionize. Under Section 7 of the Act, American workers clearly have the right to self-organization, which includes the right to form or be a part of labor organizations". When the board is reviewing interest, it will look to see if at least 30% of the work force is interested. If there is then a bargaining unit will be elected to make sure an election process take place. During the election process 50%



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