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Music Therapy - a Positive Influence in Everyday Activities

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Essay Preview: Music Therapy - a Positive Influence in Everyday Activities

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Music is one of the expressions of the human being, as well as the language. We all listen to music, according to our personal preferences. Many of us listen to music for the sheer pleasure which produces the musical sound itself. But it is true that rarely, we think or analyse it in any way.

"The man becomes into what he thinks, and what he thinks is powerfully influenced by the words and the music.".The easiest way to listen to music, is just listen for listening. How often, does someone turns on the radio while they are doing anything? Or whenever we are in our bedroom reading and suddenly the music completely surrounds the atmosphere. Some people do not just listen to music , many of us need that music express something or tells a story.

The music, at various moments, helps us understand our state of mind. It can remind us of moments or even help us repress memories, sites or persons to whom we ascribed a meaning. Music is more than a concept. You can even express more clearly, actions than those described in words, and whatsoever is purely musical. Music has been known to have many positive effects on their listeners. Nowadays, a recent branch called "music therapy" has gained popularity for its demonstrated ability to stimulate and accelerate the recovery process of patients who needed physical therapy.

There are many variables that enriches the effects of music. Task performance levels, creativity flow, and motivation could be enhanced through music. Artists like to hear music, for the reason that it helps them develop more fluently their creativity and inventive mind. Since music can change moods, studies show "that music does not automatically increase positive attitude, for it will ultimately depend on the manner by which the music is played". Since music "awakes" both, left and right side of the brain, people might felt benefited by an elusive sense of sharpness.

There are plenty of variables and positive contributions that music provides. But it is proved as a fact, that in general, music has a positive effect on human behavior. Aside from health benefits, music has becomed a muse that allows people to reach elusive levels of comfort and wellness. Moreover, music help people cope within several moments, either hurtful or exceptional ones.

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