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English Paper I Wrote

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* Recognize writing common in the workplace.

* Demonstrate proficiency by writing documents that meet a variety of technical

writing criteria.

* Design documents applying theory that forms the standards of modern professional

design in technical writing.

* Prepare a professional cover letter and résumé for a job search.

* Discuss issues important to the field and what will be expected from you in a professional setting.

* Create a professional proposal combining elements of technical writing criteria

and design.

* Explain and defend the merits of the proposal to the class.


The very first major assignment we had to complete dealt with writing emails and memos. I learned a lot from this assignment because I didn't know the proper way to write an email and memo prior to this assignment. It is very important to know this in the workplace and in any professional environment since memos and emails are regular occurrences. Assignment 2 was very informative because it consisted of writing a letter to an international client. This was interesting because when writing to an international customer, you have to be careful on how we word our writing because it may offend the client since their customs are different from ours. I learned a lot from the repetition of doing the letter packages and writing the different types of letters. I was able to learn the different types of letters such as the inquiry and follow-up letters. It was important we paid close attention to our inquiry and follow-up letters because these letters dealt with possible job opportunities and it is imperative that our grammar be on point in these letters.

Next, was the résumé assignment and it was very important that we learned how to properly construct a résumé because this could determine whether or not we would even become considered for a job. I now know how to properly write one and what to put it in so that my potential boss would consider me. We were also taught that it is very important what we put on the internet when looking for a job because employers are now starting to check Facebook and other social networks online to find information about people. Another assignment that I enjoyed doing was the incident report packages. We were able to write about real life situations and scenarios and it was very helpful because with my job as a RA we sometimes have to write incident reports so I now can write one properly. The final project was the grant proposal package. Once I started working on this assignment, I enjoyed it greatly.



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