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My Experience

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From the last one year I have been workig with the India Against Corruption, I have gained much experience in leading, organizing, and managing that will be useful in my day to day life and work situations. From the moment I stepped into the IAC's Office I was given responsibility. My first job consisted of looking out for three other volunteers as their element leader. I would call them on the night before workig days to remind them to wear their IAC's T.Shirts and a cap and make sure they had all of the proper items like distributing material,pamphlets,badges etc. It was also my responsibility to make sure they were doing their job at home as well as keeping up in all of those marchs and rallys. This kind of coordination is seen in basic management jobs.

My leadership experience further expanded when I went to organise different meetings,seminars etc, took responsibility for twenty volunteers. As their main contact person, I made decisions on what their tasks where for the day, as well as made sure they reached all of their assigned locations on time. It took much coordination and time management to keep up with all of the events of the day. My biggest jobs came during August when I served on the volunteers as the logistics manager and an anlyst who have to analyse the work of all other volunteers. Being in charge of logistics, it was my duty to know the inventory, be responsible for all the things, and make sure all volunteers received the proper material. As analyst I kept track of all the volunteers ad the organisers. These experiences greatly contributed to my leadership, organization, and management skills. College students are seldom given the opportunity for that kind of responsibility in their daily lives, so they are better prepared for jobs and life experiences.

IAC motivates Volunteers to take part in their communities, volunteer for charities, and work diligently. I have participated in numerous volunteer events because of IAC. It is rare when a week goes by without some opportunity to support the movement. The volunteers instill the Indians with the value of service before self. In no other movement have I seen as many hands go up to volunteer for social cause than I have in IAC. volunteers show themselves to be more motivated than any other group of political or non-political organisations. Volunteers approach their tasks and jobs with a positive attitude. I have never heard a volunteer complain about a task; instead, they come back asking for more. At my job with place, half of the people I stay with are volunteers from IAC. While many of the other students criticise the movement, the volunteers work hard and maintain their positive attitudes. IAC greatly improves teamwork, work ethic, commitment, and attitude. IAC helps volunteers acquire positive traits and excel at any job or task.

My Seniors has taught me much about leadership and other useful traits needed to succeed in life. I know



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