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My Future Goals and I

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My Future Goals and I

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in a Muslim family. My name is Ahmad. I am an eighth grade student. I have a younger brother, parents and I don't have any sisters. I usually play games. I am not that interested in reading books in schools. I like math and science in my school subjects. I am not that good in English.

I have always wanted to be and engineer in future. I wanted to be an engineer like my dad even when I was a kid. I was really good at math when I was a kid, but I was not at school at that time my dad use to help me. My friends were not that good in math. I wish to become an engineer in future. Then I am going to be able to help my society, and be rich and to have good future. Do you want to know about my family? Then read this essay.

I grew up in a normal sized house with my mother, father, and after six years with my brother. He was born when I was six years old. Our house was so close to our grandfathers and grandmothers' house. One of my uncle is in London he left Afghanistan before I was born. He always came back to visit us. One of my aunts is in Russia, she have a small family there.

My father always wanted to come to America. He tried to come but it didn't work. After a few years my other aunt got married. Then she went to America. My dad was still trying to come to America. My aunt and her husband helped us a lot to come and stay. I was 12 years old when we came to America, and my brother was six.

It was so hard for me to go to eighth grade. I couldn't speak much English. I didn't give up. I tried harder to learn more English .My brother was lucky because he was going to second grade. He was going to learn everything from the beginning. Will I was still lucky, at least I knew some English. In every part of your life you will face a problem, but that doesn't mean you should give up just try harder.



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