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My Girl - Movie Review

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Adulthood Paper My Girl

This film from 1991 My Girl concerns the life of an eleven year old girl called Vada Sultenfuss. The girl in this film lost her mom at birth and lives with her dad Harry Sultenfuss and her grandmother who has dementia. Her father Harry runs a funeral parlor and even though the two of them live in the same home they have a distant association with each other. Harry puts all of his efforts into his job and by doing so this causes Vada to find out about life's experiences by herself. In the beginning of the film the family consisted of the father, grandmother and Vada. Now after a few months, there was Vada, Dad, Shelly the stepmother and Grandma. At the least two years went by and the grandmother passed away and the step mother had a son of her own. It then looked like they were becoming a family comprised of a dad, mom and many children. Vada tried everything in her power to break up her father and the new step mother, Vada also is obsessed with death and thinks that you killed her mother since she died giving birth to her. Now Vada is at the time in her life where it's consider middle childhood, she is beginning to learn herself and is afraid to tell her father that she has experienced her first menstrual cycle. She is also infatuated with her English teacher, Mr. Bixler and from this she steals some money from her stepmother and signs up in his class over the summer. Vada is teased by other girls from her school because Thomas her best friend is a very unpopular guy in the school along with Vada. These two have spent their summer adventurous from their first kiss to the farewell introduce to the world of adolescence. After the summer things begin to fall apart her friend Thomas J. dies from an allergic reaction to a bee sting after looking for Vada mood ring in the woods. Then she finds out that her English teacher is engaged to someone else which causes her grief. Vada thinks she caused the mom's demise when she was delivered and has endured that concept for a long time. As per Erikson's phases of psychosocial growth Vada is nearly at the conclusion of phase Industry against Inferiority that is middle childhood ages 6-12. Berk, L.E. (2010) 5th Edition. Cognitive Vada is classified as being an extremely mature for her age group and seems to be a great learner. Vada knows how the world operates; she bears a great deal from her childhood due to her family life and the demise of her mother. The feeling that she caused her moms demise, she experienced a lot of tension because her father hooked up with the women Shelly DeVoto. Vada is scared by the demise she dreads that she might pass away before long. Vada's psychological response of being in the present of a deceased person indicates how strong her fear is of demise. Then there was a time when her basketball bounced downstairs inside the underground room in which her father did his work. She hesitated with such great force before heading downstairs to get that ball. On her route back up the stairs the door jammed and she was stuck and could not get out she had a serious panic attack. Vada dreaded this instant might be her moment of demise. Residing in a funeral parlor, demise has been a big part of Vada's life; and the



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