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My Own Perception of Rizal

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Essay Preview: My Own Perception of Rizal

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Jose P.Rizal, a well-known icon of the Philippines is one of the greatest Filipino patriots that fought for the nation's rights and freedom.

During my elementary and highshool days, Rizal was taught to us as the country's national hero. One of the remarkable thing i learned about Rizal was that he didn't fought for the Filipino independence during the Spanish regime using violence instead, he used his intellect and applied revolution through his pen and writings.

With the help of history books, movies and documentaries about Rizal, I've learned about his background. Rizal was a renowned genius. He excelled in various skills and was also engaged in different professions.

Rizal had an elite way of living, he has almost everything but what I like the most about him was that instead of living his luxurious life and just enjoy all the perks he had as an Ilustrado, he chose to use all of what he has to take a big step to expose and revolutionize against the cruelty and moral primacy to rule of the Spaniards. He vividly saw the corrupt and unjust leadership of the Spaniards and the diminishing Filipino identity because of social slavery.

I admire that Rizal used his pen for a peaceful mean to fight for our freedom instead of using a gun and a sword. He showed Filipinos that you can use your education to fight for our country's liberty.

His writings engraved ideas on the Filipino minds that they need to act and make a change against all the social dillemas the Spaniards are bringing into our country. His death marked a significant event in the history of the Philippines. Filipinos were awakened by the truth that they should rebel against the Spaniards and fight for national liberty.

Jose P. Rizal for me deserves to be called as our country's national hero. If it wasn't because of his desire and efforts to inspire our fellow countrymen for social change, Philippines I think would not be as independent as it is today.



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