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My Self - Resume Guide

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Essay Preview: My Self - Resume Guide

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Curriculum Vitae

Rajender Singh Negi

Tel: 97160 24755 / 99535 66897




To join a high growth industry and contribute positively towards achieving the organizational goals with my work experience and managerial abilities

Work Experience:

Currently working with Steria India Ltd. since December 2007

Job Synopsis:

Associated with the HRO process of "The Lloyds Banking Group" which is one of the leading banks of the United Kingdom. The job involves handling the process of all the members of staff who are being or made redundant due to business restructuring. I work with the Exit Management, which involves:

* Process of all HR forms related to the exit of a person.

* Calculation of the severance amount and arranging for their payment through Payroll.

* Arranging services like Independent Career Support, retirement seminar and also arrange for other payments like Mortgage Subsidy etc.

* Responsible for the preparation of some reports which goes directly to onshore clients like Mortgage Report, Severance Report etc.

* Have done FMEA for certain processes.

Our job ends with sending the "Leaver Letter" to the client, which includes their final salary slip.

I have also been cross trained in different HRO projects such as:

IJA & Matching

Training and Admin

External Recruitment


* My work has been recognized many times by onshore clients.

* I've given certain process improvement ideas which are both cost-saving and time-saving. They are currently running as projects.

* Responsible for the training



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