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Resume Case

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I am writing this letter in reference to A.D.A. Gloria Morris as to my meeting with her that took place on March 19, 2010, 9:00 a.m., at the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, Criminal Division, Cause number 0911-CR05816.

On Friday March 19, 2010, Ms. Gloria Morris motioned for me to sit and review my charges, discuss my intentions and review my options in accordance with the state. At that time I again informed Ms. Morris that I had re-enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces in order to have employment so that I can continue to pay child support both current and arrears. Ms. Morris's comment to me was "I don't Buy it". I then produced Official Military Documents indicating my ship-out date of May 3, 2010 to support my claim. Ms Morris then informed me that I could have fabricated the documents. She also commented that the camouflage backpack I had in my possession, which I received from M.E.P.S., was not an official military bag. Is she is an expert in military apparel. Why anyone would lie about going into the military and produce a mountain of forged Government Documents is beyond me. Needless-to-say, I am the opposite of happy having being blatantly branded a Liar and a Forger of documents, however, I continued to attempt a discussion.

I then progressed to the fact that this current economy was not yielding any jobs for a person with my background. I used to be a Mortgage Loan Officer. I was then abruptly cut off from conversation only to be accosted with literature Ms. Morris retrieved from the internet referencing Maximum Trucking, a company owned by my Mother and that I was in charge of running. Unfortunately, Maximum Trucking never made any real money and therefore was closed. Yes, you can still locate the company profile on the internet but the company is defunct. Just because a company is registered on various internet search engines does not in anyway prove the company was or is financially viable. Ms. Morris then attempted to justify the company's viability by saying she called and left a message on an answering machine. Again, this does not mean the company is making money. I then informed Ms. Morris that the number she called is located in my home.

Ms. Morris then proceeds to bring up the fact that she knows that my Mother works for the Government, resides in Japan and is Married to a Japanese Citizen. I fail to see the correlation between my case and to whom my mother is married. She then implied that my Mother supplements my income. My ex-wife, Tamara Daniel, must have provided Ms. Morris with this information and other hearsay but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, my Mother is married to a Japanese Man but she does not provide me with a monthly income. If this were the case then I would not enlist into the Military. I am Forty years of age, married, and we have a 23 month old little boy. The last thing I want to do is leave my current



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