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My Theory of How the Universe Began

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Essay Preview: My Theory of How the Universe Began

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My Theory of how the universe began:

Diameter of universe = (mass of 1 proton x speed of light) = Energy used for 1 proton

Volume(Size) of Universe = Higgs field x number of (N anti-protons x P anti-protons)speed of light

Energy gained to 1 proton from higgs field = Mass of 1 proton x volume of proton x energy of big bang

Dark Matter with negative charged protons going of the speed of light itself, travels in straight lines from edges of the universe directing themselves to the centre(core) of universe giving it energy.

0.0....1 x the power of minus (the size 1 proton) = how many protons there are.

Energy gained from colliding protons from diameter of universe stays (like the sun in the universe) and transfers into positive attached energy/gravity particles which negative protons charge towards it and the left over's (antiprotons) which are the smallest things ever! Which is distributed above (if the anti-proton have more mass than the core-gravity) and below if (the anti-proton has less gravity than core)

The below anti-protons react with above anti-protons which forms the Higgs field in the centre of core-gravity which creates mass and pulls even more negative charged protons and keeps on going until the core cannot take it any more and explodes causing the big bang and distributes the higgs field, gravity and etc.

1 negative charged anti-proton x 1 positive charged anti-proton x energy/gravity caused by the big bang explosion = higgs field

(Universe is a circle)

Big Bang: AC

Expanded and created universes etc



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