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Myth Case

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Before anyone can remember, there was once a time when the world was perfect. In this perfect world there was no evil, no pollution, but also no humans. Because the world was without evil there were elements which drifted about they were about the size of a golf ball and shone as bright as ten suns. Yet, they no longer exist because of the evil in the world today. These elements had not thought process or reason, they just floated about. When a certain elements came into contact with on another they would bond to create a living organism, such as trees, grass, animals, water, dinosaurs and even sand. After billions of years of bonding and creating random substances around the world something happened that was miraculous. The right elements created a living being with the ability to heal itself, reproduce and most importantly they had the power of moral reason. These elements create what we now know today as man. Man was the ultimate creation of these elements. After a short time man became tired of naming all the animals and plants, so he started looking for elements and forcing them to bond, to create another man. After a long while of trying he managed to create another man but he was evil. This evil man chased and tried to kill the good man. Although he never succeeded, he did force the good man into hiding. Once this evil man began to destroy what the elements had created all the rest of the elements were naturally drawn to the good man because he was the only righteous being on the planet. The elements then did something that was never done again, they gave the man a woman so they could reproduce, preserve and enjoy the world they created. After that the elements preserved themselves by imploding around the world. They are now the called different things such as seeds, babies, or souls. The elements are the very being of good moral fiber in this world. They make life possible, they make the sun rise and go down, the water roar and be still, they are in this world still but will never be out until the world has rid itself of darkness.



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