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Namesake Case

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Tone Paragraph:

Daniel was nervously sitting in Trigonometry class, waiting for Mr. Kaufman to hand out the graded test that determined whether he would be taking summer school. All Daniel could think about was the countless of hour he would be wasting during the summer if he had to take summer school, stuck in a room for 5 hours everyday learning material he had already learned his junior. The whole year flashed before his eyes, and he now regretted choosing sports and parties over his Trig class. Those sports and parties were the very reason why he fell behind in class. Mr. Kaufman was just getting closer and closer and with each step closer to his desk, Daniel's palms started sweating and his leg was shaking more and more. Finally Mr. Kaufman got to his desk and gave him stern look and said, "Daniel, I want you to know that I'm disappointed." Daniel's heart just dropped, he knew he was going to summer school. Mr. Kaufman added, "I'm disappointed because I won't be teaching you Trig. this summer." Kaufman set his test done and smiled; a big red A was circled on the test. Daniel was so relieved, now his summer was going to be spent playing soccer and hanging out with friends. During the rest of the class Daniel was just smiling and thinking about all the fun he will be having come summer.

Theme Paragraph:

Tones of aghast and relieF support the theme of A loss of innocence. This event in Ashoke's life has opened up his eyes to the evils and complexity of the real/adult world. Ashoke is very frightened when the seven bogies are derailed from the broad gauge line because it was his first time out of his own world and he faced a near death experience. This event helped him realize that the real world isn't going to be easy like his life at home. But also he was relieved that out of much causality he was perfectly fine. This showed that even though the real world is going to be burdensome, he would be able to make it in the real world. His eyes opened up to the arduous life he has ahead of him. This near death experience taught Ashoke an important lesson about growing up and getting used to the adult world.

This is more of what happens after the passage, not what happens during the passage. Also, there's nothing really in this paragraph that explains the tones that you have selected.

Plot Paragraph:

During Ashima's pregnancy she feels lonely since she's in a foreign country without her family. Nothing feel normal to her as she states, "for the past eighteen months, ever since she's arrived in Cambridge, nothing has felt normal at all." This shows that her loneliness makes her miss her family and Calcutta. And this contributes to the theme of important of family. When Ashima reminisces, she thinks to herself about the day where her life was about to change, "it had been after tutoring one day that Ashima's mother had met her at the door, told her to



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