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Nature Vs Nurture

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Essay Preview: Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

Nature which also is heredity is a development that largely is the product of nature unfolding through maturation. It simply means that each and every individual is unique from birth to death. Nurture in its other sense is the environment that helps individual to develop largely due to environmental factors and individual experiences.

Many Psychologists argued that nature and nurture are two different things that affect an individual growth and development. I personally believe that nature and nurture correlates with each other. Each individual is born with the ability to learn and to gain knowledge. Knowledge is acquired from the time of conception and at birth, as an infant leaves a mother womb. The first person the infant sees, noises hear, odors smell is knowledge acquiring. If a mother reads and listen to a lot of music while the child is in her womb, more than likely sound will be transmitted to the baby, hence gaining knowledge. That is why it is important as mothers to read and listen to constructive music and stories. I also support the theory that individuals are born with a "Tabula Rasa," argue by John Locke, simple meaning that their minds are a blank slate. Yes individual minds are blank but only to and extent. Some knowledge is already gathered in the minds while inside the womb but majority of it is blank. That is why the environment plays and important role in shaping the character, moral and values of and individual. I strongly agreed with Abraham Maslow when he stated, "what a man can be he must be," simply meaning that an individual home and environment will mold that person into what he is going to be in the future, either for better or worst.

Why do I believe that nature and nurture need each other? When I look at a computer and its hard drive, which is like an individual brain but far smaller. It comes with the ability to run and accept any computer program that I want to use. Let say I want to use my web camera, so my friends can see me on the internet while I talk to them. I can never use it if I don't install the software for it to be recognized by my central processing unit "CPU" onto the hard drive. It is the same thing with an individual mind and brain. I could have never been able to write this reflection based on nature vs. nurture if I was not taught the alphabets from A to Z. I could have never been able to add, subtract, multiply or divide, if I was not taught the base ten system of math and their meanings and place value.

In conclusion each individual can change their actions, character and value based on their experience being good or bad. So the inborn capability to comprehend and problem solve experiences is my greatest gift. My mind can be easily go astray and my blank slate can easily be override by the many pressures that I face in my daily life, if the ability to reasoning was



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