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Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature versus Nurture

Nature versus Nurture have been debated by many psychologist. Nature is the genetics we inherit at birth that influence our development, while nurture is the environment that influences our development. When a child is born the first comment is how much he/she looks like either parent or both in some way. As the child grows up sometimes other family members say the child has an personality like one of the parents or even the grandparents. We are taught different morals and values growing up starting at an early age. These teachings affects our personalities and development whether they are good or bad personalities and influences our development and personal growth as adults.

As a social worker there was a couple who adopted their son at the age of two years old. They raised their son up on their moral and values. Their son looked and acted just like his adoptive parents and siblings. One day the son committed a felony against one of the younger members in the family. After the crime the young adult's family history was discovered, the biological father also committed the same crime on several occasions. Although this young man was brought up in a good environment, did his genetics have any affect on him committing this crime. This young man was not influenced in no way by his environment but I do believe his genetics inherited by his biological parents did have to do with his behavior.



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