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Necessity of Support for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

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Essay Preview: Necessity of Support for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

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Necessity of Support

* Patients of childhood cancer should be given the opportunity to meet with other patients and survivors.

* Being done all over the world for kids ages 5 - 18

o Life changing experiences which we'll never forget

o Still remember my first camp

* Leave high school and pursue further education at college or university

o We try and think about goals and our future

 Which career?

 Relationships?

 Seeking independence?

* Issues for life, love and happiness get more complex for a young adult who has survived cancer.

* Young adults should have the ability to share about personal topics or emotional frustrations without worrying about persecution

* The camp atmosphere allows for challenges to be conquered and new important friendships to be made.

* One survivor to another can discuss on a much deeper level than from just talking with family or friends

* Once a childhood cancer patient becomes an adult they fall into a dark gap with very little support.

* Peer support is a fundamental part of the healing process which allows for mental and emotional wounds to heal.

* Just as young children, young adults should be given the opportunity to explore potentials and search for their identity.

o Individuality can be defined through any events encountered between the ages 13 - 25.

o Anything which affects us emotionally or psychologically during this time can help us gain some control over our life.

* Recreational camps provide facilities and means by which survivors can safely provide support to each other.

* The impact we can have on one person can help change their lives forever.

* Medicine and treatment may help remove cancer but only continued support from others will help a cancer survivor to survive.

"We don't want sympathy. We want support and awareness."

While many contend that 'the support is out there - you just have to find it', others felt isolated and unsure of where to look for needed support.



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