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Negative Aspects of Print Media

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Essay Preview: Negative Aspects of Print Media

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Different forms of print media included newspapers, magazines, books, and comic books.

Pros- increase the ability to learn the language, improves reading skills, gain a greater vocabulary, bring about an imagination, and grow the child's cognitive growth.

Newspapers- attract people to read; with "Catchy" headlines which make people want to read. Also like most news, the articles are topics are mainly negative, and mostly deal with topics with violence, sex, and drugs. Violence being seen by an adolescent can create fear, feeling that the child is not safe. Also reading on a daily basis negative concepts, the child will assume that sex and drugs and violence are a normal part of society and that, these events are everyday things that they will see in the world. Also newspapers show the violence in the form of terrorism, making it to a child that terrorists are targeting you, "which in essence is not true". Children read newspapers are concluded that the world is a scary place and sex, drugs, and violence are a daily part of it.

Comic books - these books have been around for over 70 years, mostly read by males, most comic books depict "good guys" and "bad guys" with mostly one common them "violence". Although not extreme forms of violence such as murder, comic books mostly use physical force. Many common comic books such as "Batman" have a good guy "Batman", and a bad guy "The Joker", and throughout reading the comic book, you see batman beating up the joker, punching him or kicking him, resulting with the child feeling that "violence" can get them out of a problem with someone they do not like. The child will feel that since Batman can do it, so can they. If a child does not like another student or they have a disagreement with another student, that punching them or kicking them can result with them beating them up, making them "The Victor". It portrays that fighting is a way to "handle" a conflict amongst one another. Although comic books are fictional and none of the characters are real, children and adolescence read them, as if this is how you should act in society if you want to be victorious are flourish within society.

Magazines- over comic books and newspapers are the most influential and most read amongst children and young adults. Magazines are seen everywhere, tabloids and risky covers are shown to attract people to read them; you cannot checkout at any supermarket without seeing at least 5 different magazines are talking about "the big three", sex, drugs, or violence. Magazines are the most influential when it comes to adolescence self-esteem. Magazines are geared to all different races, genders, ages, etc., and have information that people want to inquire about. Most magazines portray women as sex objects, showing them half naked and very



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