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Negative Impact of Technology

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Con Argument

Thesis: Advances in technology have negatively affected our everyday lives in the way we communicate, our motivation, and our health.

Recent studies conducted by the World Health Organization, with a team of 31 scientists, made a very important announcement this past Tuesday. Through their research, they found a close link between brain cancer and the radiation emitted from cell phones. When cell phones first came out, people were amazed at the possibility of being able to communicate with someone while at the store, in the car, at school, etc. Cell phones have become extremely popular recently, thanks to their accessibility to even the most remote places. In America alone, an estimated 250 to 300 million cell phones are used. We live in a world populated by 6.8 billion people. Out of these 6.8 billion people, 5 billion own cell phones that are in service. China is the leading nation of cell phone usage, followed by India, and the US comes in third place. The growing trend of owning cell phones has scientists and doctors worried. However, brain cancer isn't the only worry we have regarding the advance in technology. Overall health is being threatened by the surge of technology in our lives. Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese in the United States. Although technology is not at complete fault, it is partially to blame. Kids nowadays, even in third-world countries, prefer to indulge in computer games and video arcades (John, 1). Once school is let out, children go home to sit in front of a television, computer, or a handheld device. The children become fascinated by these devices, to such an extent that they forget the real world (Levine, 1). Time passes while they are connected and playing. Before they know it, two, three, four or more hours have been dedicated to the goal of fighting the bad guy and gaining points. This time could have been otherwise well spent on outdoor activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Not being able to pass a level makes children and adults alike anxious and frustrated. This has a connection between obesity. When a person is anxious, on many occasions they tend to look towards food as a method of comfort. This can happen to many of us. However, eating for comfort added to a sedentary lifestyle is the perfect formula for an unhealthy personal being. Obesity is a problem that is quickly spreading. Cell phones and video games aren't being blamed for such physical condition, but we realize now how big a connection there is between technology and obesity.

Technology tends to make us anxious. Many people find it difficult to relax if they don't feel their phone in their pocket or of they are not assured that their laptop is within a two-foot diameter. There are those who feel the constant need to check their inbox, as if their lives would not be



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