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Technology Impact Paper

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The paper will discuss the impact of technology in the relation to the automated phone system and the on the impact on the consumer and if the technology has impacted positive or negative in the regard of credit cards customer services automated technology. How a company introduced the new products to customers. In the realty, the consumer did not know what had him or her in the regards to the implementation of the automated phone system. Live operator answers, a screened and directed consumer call and the next day the consumer was greeted with please press 1 for English and for 2 Spanish. This was the demise of the customer services as society knows it. However new technology is often met with skepticism, and software automation in no exception. How the test teams introduce and automated software test tool on a new project is nearly as important as the selection of the most appropriate test tool for the project. A tool is only as good as the process being used to implement the tool (Dustin 2001).

While the consumer generally has no warning, the business has spent time and money on the implementation to make the experience and transition as smooth as possible. Today customer services call have an automated greeting that usually says due to high call volumes, the wait time may be longer than normal really mean that the company is too cheap to hire enough customer services agents. It has been misleading when a system says you call will handled by the next available representative. Then next available representative will handle the call from the guy who has been waiting the longest (Barrett, 2009). This system can blindside the consumer and the consumer is frustrated. While there is frustration is the consumers first though, the consumer will learn to accept this new technology.

Through the understanding they system and embracing the system, as bucking the system will only add to the frustration. The ways that added value due to the new technology was proven. However, the value is added to the business in a way that the business can track the numbers of calls that are received for billing, payment address, lost cards, additional cards and general issues and how long the consumer is on the line before an agent has address the concern and how long the agent was on the line with the consumer. After the consumer has spoken with the agent, he or she has the option to rate the customer service call and the information is sincerely needed for the company to provide the highest form of customer services it can.

Today consumers are now used to this form of customer services and with the lack of knowledge many of the customer service reps have or the lack of language skills these agent has many consumer would prefer to have their issues address by the automated system when possible as language is a main issue. In recently, a consumer has stated this preferential situation comes up whenever I call a live customer service help



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