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Technology Impact - a Personal Computer

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Essay Preview: Technology Impact - a Personal Computer

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Technology Impact

A Personal Computer

A personal computer has made a big impact on how we people operate in our daily lives. It helps us find out information in less time than it would take to call a friend or ask a neighbor. This helps us get information faster which gives us more time to do our work or get something done faster. It also lets us communicate with the world faster and keep in touch with friends and family members. There are many features that are beneficial to us but also harmful. What is bad about computers is the side affects. They can be addicting and waste a lot of time on them if you decide to stay on them instead of going out. Also there are many things on the internet (if you have it) that can lead to bad influences and harmful material not suitable for kids.

This has helped out in daily life in so many ways. It helps communicate, entertain ourselves, and listen to music. Not only personal use of a computer has been beneficial or harmful but also business-wise. Now the beneficial effects of having a personal computer is you can have track of more things and be more organized. You can manage banking accounts, remember certain dates, and send messages to people in a faster amount of time. The negative side of this for business owners is that they might not get as much clients as they used too. For example a person who needs directions can just go online and printing them out instead of having to buy maps. This helps people at home get the job done faster.

Computers are good because you can get information on the touch of a button. The bad thing about it is that not everything on the internet is true. There are a lot of false advertising and false information that can lead to a lot of mistakes. Another good thing about the personal computer is that you can entertain yourself by playing video games or even watch movies on them if you can a disk drive. A lot of movies and video games these days now are not appropriate for all ages so parent advisory is advised. That's why computers have pros and cons to it usage.

Cellular Phones

Cell phones have been one of the greatest inventions I would say. They have made easier to have contact with people on the road or to call for help if something has happened. Having contact with the world is an important thing. From calling your brother to see how he is doing or to calling the baby sitter to come take care of the kids; a phone is useful. Whenever you are in a hurry you can call in to be late to work or to check your schedule. Cell phones are used by about 270,000 people worldwide. This has been a technological advancement that has been a success.

From Cox, Quest, to Vonage; cell phones have terribly taken away business from them.



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