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Netflorist Branding

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Essay Preview: Netflorist Branding

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A brand synonymous for its convenient and reliable same-day delivery (Welby-Cooke :2009), NetFlorist is a internet based delivery service that enables you to send bouquets, arrangements and gifts to loved ones, friends and associates in South Africa and around the world. In this essay I will give a brief background of NetFlorist's history and be analyzing the brand in terms of its brand and branding and against 3 points of the Vega healthy brand criteria i.e. its unique meaning, its transparency and how this brand adds value to peoples lives.

* Brand / Branding

NetFlorist differentiates itself from other florists by offering its clients services and other non-floral products that very few other companies have the ability to offer. Instead of just promoting the brand as one that caters only to the needs of a certain target market e.g. the Valentines, anniversary and Mothers Day client, the brand offers products to all ages, male and female for all types of occasions. The brand is suitable for any type of budget albeit the student or the high-class businessman. NetFlorist advertises itself as a trusting brand and its punctuality is a testament to their reliable name. NetFlorist gives its customer the belief that there is such a thing as a trustworthy brand.

History of the brand

When NetFlorist started out 12 years ago the company had no funds for marketing and remained relatively unknown. NetFlorist approached a number of companies offering their innovative idea. "We went to companies and explained how we have the services and they have the customers. If a person buys a NetFlorist product, the company receives a portion of the sale. It was a marketing strategy that carried no risk for either party," says Ryan Bacher, managing director of NetFlorist. The negative side of this affiliate program is that the NetFlorist brand was getting very little exposure. When the business started growing the company decided to stop this program and to opt rather for cooperative co-branding with business partners.

With access to the biggest flower range and most exclusive gifting services in the country, NetFlorist has made telling that special someone how you feel just a little bit easier.

NetFlorist recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and is proud to be one of the few success stories in the e-commerce industry in South Africa. The business has changed from its beginnings when NetFlorist was a strictly virtual business that outsourced all operations and now does all of their own gift hampers. (Welby-Cooke; 2009)

"When we first started out we were getting about 10 orders a day - now we are getting over 600 a day. On Valentines and Mother's Day, its absolutely crazy with over 8000 deliveries on each day," says Bacher.

*A healthy brand has a unique meaning

Unlike many other florists, NetFlorist has a unique meaning that sets this brand apart. The company has put a lot of work into making the service reliable and giving its customer that same-day delivery, a service that not many can oblige to.

NetFlorist boasts a late delivery rate of less than 1%, giving the company a high standard to live up to, but through doing that they give their customers that reassurance that this brand is of a very good quality. On the companies website customers praise NetFlorist for the good quality of their flowers and state that the ordinary shop bought flowers just can not be compared with the flowers of this brand.

NetFlorist also isn't just known for their delivery but more because of what they offer to their customers. Their product offering not only includes



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