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New Millenium Case

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B. Having begun a new millennium, it is timely to examine the changes that occurred during the twentieth century to prepare for the twenty-first century. In your opinion, what four changes that occurred in the past century are most important for us to understand? Why? What do you think will be the two most important challenges that our country will face in the first quarter of the twenty-first century?

If we look at the twentieth century, and compare it to the past, we will understand a lot of changes. All changes are effective in people's lives and we cannot neglect them. Some people believe that the development in transportation is the most important change; other people think that electronic devices are the most important, and others like me believe that the development of technology in computers and appearance of Internet play one of the most an important roles in people's lives.

Due to continuing industrialization and expanding trade, many significant changes of the century were, directly or indirectly, economic and technological in nature. Inventions such as the light bulb, the automobile, and the telephone in the late 19th century, followed by supertankers, airliners, motorways, radio, television, antibiotics, frozen food, computers and microcomputers, the Internet, and mobile telephones and many other things, affected the quality of life for great numbers. Scientific research, engineering professionalization and technological development was the force behind vast changes in everyday life (Danelek, J., 2013).

In addition, science advanced dramatically during the century. There were new and radical developments in the physical, life and human sciences, building on the progress made in the 19th century. Big Science flourished, especially after the Second World War, as funding for science increased. Mathematics became ever more specialized and abstract (Danelek, J., 2013).

There are two major reasons why technological advances are so important in people's lives. First of all, computers and the Internet can help people to learn quickly. For instance, in the past, students only had materials such as old books and they were deprived from some electronic resources such as e-book, new articles etc. In addition, they could not come into contact with other students throughout the world easily. In contrast, students in the current time can make relationships with other people less than one minute. Scientists have shown that the most remarkable reason of high rate of technology in the twentieth century is the Internet. In my opinion, appearance of the Internet is the most important invention throughout the history (Danelek, J., 2013).

Furthermore, computers and the Internet provide a lot of services for people. For example, you can borrow some money from your friend in a short time. In addition, people can complain about some poor services or bad products only by filling out a form on a website and submitting it. Scientists have shown that the most important factor of long people's lifespan in twentieth century is development in this field; because they do not feel worry about daily problems such as coming into contact with impolite employees in a face-to-face way. The twentieth century has brought many facilities to the current generation. In my opinion, the most impressive of them is appearance of computers and the Internet. They are very useful either in learning quickly and or providing new services for people's lives (Danelek, J., 2013).

By the end of the 20th century, more technological advances had been made than in all of preceding history. Communications and information technology, transportation technology, and medical advances had radically altered daily lives. The world was undergoing its second major period of globalization; the first, which started in the 18th century, having been terminated by World War I. Since the US was in a position of almost unchallenged domination, a major part of the process was Americanization (Morris, I., 2011).

The Digital Revolution continued into the early 21st century with mobile usage and Internet access growing massively in the early 21st century. By the 2010s, the majority of people in the developed world had Internet access and the majority of people worldwide had a mobile phone. The Internet and World Wide Web continue to rise in popularity and social



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