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Nike, Adidas and Reebok Case

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Essay Preview: Nike, Adidas and Reebok Case

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In the critical success factor, the Nike got the highest weighted score which is 3.80. This is the result of the great financial position of Nike, and a high market share which is 34.7. They also have a great advertising strategies, they signed up Michael Jordan who is a very well know athletes and there tagline "just do it" were recognize as a symbol of performance and quality.

The Adidas got the 2nd highest weighted score. They have 11.3% market share globally. Even though they to have any famous athletes or endorser adidas had been a leader of global athletic footwear sales. It means that adidas got the loyalty of their customers.

Thirdly the Reebok, they have a market share of 17.7% (1996). it's a good number to see, but if we look a at the previous year their market share is 18.9% so clearly their share decline 1.2%. In their advertising strategy they signed up young coming player such a Shaquille O'Neal, but it didn't help their company because still their revenues declined to 1.2 billion dollars from 1.4 billion dollars. That's why reebok is on the 3rd spot.

Lastly the Fila, their weighted score of CSF is 2.15 and a market share of 8.5%. it's a low percentage but for a new company this is a big achievement. They are now starting to engaged in a good advertising strategy, they signed high-profile endorser such as Grant Hill and their revenue is increasing every year. But in a new organization there is a lot of things to be improve to cope up with their competitors.



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