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Nike Case

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The Nike Brand is one of the world's largest sellers of sportswear and sports equipment. These items range from tennis shoes to athletic gear for North American sports teams, both college and national groups. It is reported on Nike, Inc.'s official website that the company earned 6.2 billion dollars at the end of 2013's fiscal year. This is an increase from the previous fiscal year. Nike sells the most athletic shoes, sportswear accessories, sports wear uniforms, and gear than any other company in the world. Nike is also comprised of affiliate brands. These brands are Converse, Hurley, Jordan, and Nike Golf. As a household name, Nike has been and, still is today, a company that specializes in systematically marketing to the athlete. This strategy has proven affective due to its increase in revenue and earnings each year. A major reason for rising and consistent revenue earnings of the Nike brand has much to do with the individual consumer who remains loyal and dedicated to purchasing sportswear and gear that is made by Nike, Inc. and its affiliate brands.

Nike was created by Bill Bower man and Phil Knight during the 1960's at Oregon State University. Although the original name for the company was Blue Ribbon Sports, The name soon changed to Nike in 1971. One major goal of the brand was to target athletes, but it soon evolved to the individual consumer who participated in all types of sporting activities. The focus of selling the products relied heavily on the consumer. The Nike corporation slogan involving consumerism claims that it, "...represents the highest service standard within and beyond our industry, building loyal relationships around the world" (Nike, Inc.). This quote expresses the notion that this company prides itself on creating a lasting relationship with the consumer of its products, therefore solidifying its sell of products around the world. The company is a multinational company that creates profits from individual and group consumers all over the world. This is one of the major reasons that the Nike brand continues to be the top selling company of sports apparel, gear, and accessories.

There are also two major reasons that Nike is a top seller of sports apparel throughout the world and this is from sponsorship and advertisement. Sponsorship is generally defined as a person or group who supports or stands by the name of another person or group. Nike is known for sponsoring athletes and professional and college level athletic teams. Athletic teams and clubs that are sponsored by Nike include the American National Football League, South Korean baseball league, National Basketball leagues located in Brazil, Spain, France, and the United States, in addition to many American colleges.

The company also uses advertisements as a means to capture loyal consumers. Nike is known for using individuals that they sponsor to market much of their brand. Nike has been the recipient of



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