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Research School of Nursing

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Essay Preview: Research School of Nursing

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In February of 2010 I was laid off from an information technology company. This provided the opportunity to examine where I was and where I wanted to go. After much thought, I decided to start a new career in the nursing field. For the past 20 years, I had always worked behind a computer screen. I now want to be involved in a career where I could give back and help people directly. I decided on a career as a Registered Nurse. I always had a curiosity for the medical field and a fascination for how the body works. I feel a great compassion for those who need assistance, especially the elderly. Which for me is my main motivation for pursuing a career in healthcare.

My personal experience came from helping with my grandmother. My father was very persistent when it came to care for his mother. He believed that under no circumstances would she reside in an Assisted Living Facility. Thus our family, for a while, would provide care for my grandmother, however long we could. This experience opened my eyes more to the world of healthcare. I have assisted my grandmother with household chores as well as personal care. Aside from her being my grandmother, her gratitude was rewarding enough. I do realize that this will not always be the case when practicing as an Registered Nurse. I understand nursing is physically demanding, and many times, patients may not be receptive to the care they will receive. I am well prepared for that. When caring for a person who is sick, it is not about receiving gratitude, it is about helping that person to get better and that everyone deserves empathy and compassion.

Although the cooperate world may seem far removed from healthcare, I have developed excellent communication and problem solving skills. These skills have been honed from hosting discussion with clients to determine what their business needs are and using that information to develop and maintain complex software. I truly believe I can transfer the listening and analytic skills from a technical environment to the the tasks that would be required of a Registered Nurse.

The ability to see the end result from receiving a patient and providing daily care and encouragement to implementing treatment is a reward that cannot be measured. This is what I want to be a part of, the opportunity to make a direct and positive impact on an individual's life. I realize this field is challenging and can have its frustrations. For this, I am well prepared and eager to take on.



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