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Is Racism a Major Issue in Our Society?

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Essay Preview: Is Racism a Major Issue in Our Society?

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"Is racism a major issue in our society?"

Racism is one of the main issues the world today. Many people today do not understand and are aware of the racism impacts in our society. They are not aware how much racism exists in our school, workforces and other places where social lives are happening. Racism is a historic and yet varied societal problem (Dunn, KM, McDonald & Amy 2004, p.410). To discuss about racism we must know what it means. "Racism is prejudice or discrimination by one group towards others perceived as a different race, plus the power to enforce it. Groups may be almost identical physiologically, yet be divided against each other on the basis of culture, language, religion, nationality, or any combination of either." (Dunn, KM, McDonald & Amy 2004, p.410)

Does racism still exist in today and what causes racism to come to existence? That is the question that most people want to know and understand. It may be noticeable that racism is not as bad as it was in the past but it hasn't gone away and does still exist. Racism is a something that is part of society and has transgressed mankind over hundreds of years (Forest, J & Dunn KM 2006, p.169). Racism requires four main elements; the belief in separate, definable and recognisable races, belief that one "race" is superior to others, possession of power by the superior race to act against inferior races without effective defence or redress and action that is both arbitrary and harmful (Forest, J & Dunn KM 2006, p.171).



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