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Noah Movie Analysis

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Essay Preview: Noah Movie Analysis

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Republic of the Philippines


Olongapo City

“A Movie Analysis of Noah”

As Partial Requirement for LIT 103

World Literature

Submitted by:

Adrian O. Robillos

Submitted To:

Ms. Maann Sagun

Submitted on:

December 17, 2014


        Noah is always dreaming of storm, water, seed and etc. First, he never knew what it means. Until God talked him. God told him to build a big arc witch has a capacity of carrying a large amount and numerous number of animals. His dream means “new beginning”. God wants Noah to secure all of these and his family for the new begging. Because God will wipe all other things left including people who came from bloodline of Cain. The Watchers help Noah to build the arc. They also helped him to defend it when Tubal Cain was about to take it. During the storm, Tubal Cain was successfully aboard in the arc with the help of Japeth. He silently hide from the animals you were sleeping that time. But later on show himself, attack Noah and then killed. The whole family of Noah together with the animal welcome the “new beginning” when the sun rise.


Noah Characters

  1. Noah – main character
  2. Naameh – wife of Noah
  3. Tubal Cain – Decendant of Cain, nemesis of Noah.
  4. Shem – Son of Noah
  5. Ila – Daughter-in-law of Noah, wife of Shem.
  6. Ham – Son of Noah.
  7. Japheth -  Son of Noah.
  8. Ob – a Watcher who helped Noah.
  9. Lamech – Father of Noah.
  10. Na’el – Love interest of Ham.
  11. Samyaza – leader of the Watchers.
  12. Cain
  13. Adam – first men created by God
  14. Eve - first women created by God.

Point of View

Biblically speaking, Noah is based on the real events as it was stated in the bible. The movie shows how God cleaned the world by the raged of the storm together with powerful wind and huge flash floods. The arc was created to save the any living things that is considered as “clean” as well as Noah and his families.


Arc, Jungle.


The theme of the story biblical and history.



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