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Not Just a Pay Check

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" Not Just a Pay check", portrays harsh but unfortunately realities of the present world, as it addresses unemployment a raising problem including through the perspectives of people being affected by it. Losing a job, could be due to many reasons such as technological developments or as shown by the movie due to wall street effect. But the suffering that is brought to workers is the bitter truth, all the negative impacts in terms of not just financial but emotional, physical, social and psychological. Closing of the largest refrigerator company (Adelman,2008) in itself implies the ratio of loss that is brought in, and moving of its location l in order to maximize profit for shareholder and opting for cheaper labor (Adelman, 2008) further clears the perspective that this is a common and will be an reoccurring event. It moreover showed how losing a job was not only effecting an individual but how it was dragging the families in that tsunami, taking how Greenville's population, went from having decent middle-class life, with few luxuries were left to face extreme problems such as basic healthcare privileges (Adelman, 2008), and as we have acknowledged previously, for public health, no partner is more important than health care; for health care, none is more important than public health (McGinnis, 2006).

During the meet up within just two months of Electrolux relocation, the ex-employs of the plant are already suffering though decline in health, from physical such as Brenda's jaw pain due to clenching of teeth, to psychological effects such as stress eating by Marcella, a employ of the plant who had spent almost 30 years of life there and depression, nausea and insomnia was mentioned by Mitch (Adelman, 2008), causes as such in long run could lead to serious situations such as malnutrition to increase in suicide rates (M Eliason, 2009).

Moreover, as mentioned earlier unemployment takes a toll on the family as a whole, and will lead to effecting education of the children such as grades (unnatural causes: how unemployment effects family) or even requiring often changes of schools which could have psychological effects on them. Furthermore, fall in the socio-economic status can also lead families moving into poorer housing conditions with even lack-age of basic facilities at times that could have an effect of their health, facing that along with merely having any stable health care plan could be simply the sinkhole these families can never emerge of.(VC McLoyd, 1991).

Along with all this taking a more clinical perspective of the story , cardiovascular diseases due stress and hypertension can be seen coming in play eg:  cortisol (aka, the stress hormone) does not only stress on cardiac muscles but damages the vascular system level as whole. Blood pressure caused by chronic stress can have effect on kidney function and in some cases even lead to strokes, further sinking the individual both financially and physically.

The film lead me to further look into the effects of unemployment globally to the differences in ratio of how much of an impact it , it emerged as through studies , as shown in the film that Europeans had lesser impact due to better financial and health care programs focused for the unemployed.



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