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High Tech Act Quiz - Comprehension Check

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Essay Preview: High Tech Act Quiz - Comprehension Check

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Comprehension check:

Fill in the blanks, T/F and short answers

1. What is ARRA?______________________________________________________________

2. Meaningful use criteria will come into effect in three incremental stages. Stage one starts in___¬¬_________, followed by stage two in____________, and stage three in_____________.

3. Medicare is Federal and Medicaid is the state? T or F

4. Hospital based EPs will qualify for: (circle the correct answer)

Both None Medicare Medicaid

5. What is Attestation? __________________________________________________________


6. The Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program is voluntary. T or F

7. During Stage 1, EPs must comply with __________ core objectives and choose another_________ out of the menu set.

8. Who determines what a physician is?______________________________________

9. Can a physician who practices in more than one state register for each of those state's incentive program? (circle one) Yes No

10. Can a provider participate in both Medicare and Medicaid's incentive program?

(circle one) Yes No

11. During Stage 1, out of a menu set of 38, EPs must comply with ________clinical quality measures and also choose an additional_________. If an EP cannot comply with the original clinical quality measures, there is an __________________core.

12. If an EP participates in Medicare, they have __________days to prove Meaningful Use after they register for the program.



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