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Nuclear Power

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In recent years, with the world's population explosion and the accelerated use of oil energy, the oil shortage has become an enormous problem. Therefore, there has been a growing trend that an increasing number of people tend to have a favorable attitude towards finding the other substitute energy to meet global energy demand. Some people believe that nuclear energy is the best solution of this problem because it is safe, clean, infinite and has low cost. However, nuclear power is dangerous, unaffordable, limited and pollutes the environment. This essay will discuss that whether nuclear energy is environmentally friendly, affordable and a reliable and sustainable energy supply or not and it will be argued that nuclear energy can not be banned totally as they provide many benefits to our society.

Nuclear energy can provide many benefits. Therefore, people should focus on the field of using nuclear power which is beneficial for our society. Nuclear energy is superior to other energy despite the fact that it is the substitute energy of oil. Consequently, there are many advantages of using nuclear energy which is affordable and infinite. In addition, using nuclear power can solve the problem of the oil shortage, and assist the world's sustainable development. According to Lorenzini (2005), nuclear power is more adequate and substantial than other renewable resources. Meanwhile, it has been presented (Hore-lacy, 2005) that the nuclear energy's operational and fuel cost is very low. Furthermore, there is evidence that other sustainable energy sources are not safer than nuclear energy, such as hydroelectric power which leads to over 85,000 people died as the Banqiao reservoir Dam of china was damaged in 1975 (Trappleton, 2006). Hence, it is clear that using nuclear power has majority of benefits, and can not be entirely denied.



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