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Nuclear Power

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After reading about the other energy sources and technology I believe nuclear energy has it's benefits and drawbacks in each of the three developments which are environmental, social, and economic. When it comes to dealing with disposal and waste management concerns, rising prices of fossil fuels and the strength of nuclear produced electricity. Even if our mainstream of energy reduction at a present day comes from the fossil fuels that causes side effects. There are other energy sources that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources would be nuclear energy the ultimate solution. The importance for clean and safe energy sources is better than ever now and days. With today's studies are concerning our global environment and it's showing weakness in the air quality, biodiversity, fisheries, and the weakness of the ozone layer. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster defined nuclear safety that out looked the challenge of the energy source way more than ever. The United Kingdom, China, Poland, France, Finland, Russia, and India are the ones that have powerfully affirmed their nuclear building plans while other countries like Germany, Italy, and Switzerland have decided to stage out the nuclear energy. Even with the adversaries of the nuclear energy source they really don't understand the previous two era's nuclear energy reaction has functioned very carefully. With the Fukushima being an accident it was an unavoidable outcome of a natural disaster which cost thousands of deaths and totally impaired Japans economy. (Echarri, 2011). With Japan having an earthquake and tsunami it caused a radiation leakage from a power plant in Fukushima which actually affected many lives and caused many people to leave the area. The radiation leakage is a consent reminder to many and unfortunately it still poses a real big risk. The Chernobyl which was an accident in April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a reminder of how unsafe nuclear plants can be. (Section 8.3). This accident happened because of a core meltdown which is the flowing of cooling water to the reactor stops and the core overheats. When the core overheats the things inside may flow out of the building and pollute the areas around with radioactive material. The main reason for the development of nuclear power hasn't really changed. If you really notice there are still increases in the fossil fuel prices and the need to secure the energy supply and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The nuclear production is just about CO2 emission free and geographically diversified uranium resources mean stable prices and low impact on the cost of electricity. In years to come a slowdown in nuclear building rates will still likely occur. The renewed interest in nuclear energy will continue now, that the emerging economies like China and India have confirmed their support for the nuclear power. (Echarri, 2011). Our economy has focused only



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