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To Live Without Nuclear Power

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To Live Without Nuclear Power

It is often claimed that nuclear energy is a new type of energy resource which will play an important role in society development. These statements are reasonable for that we live in a consumer society where there is an enormous demand for commercial products of all kinds. Moreover, an increase in industrial production presumes more energy supply. Many people believe that nuclear energy provides an inexhaustible and economical source of power and that it is therefore essential for an industrially developing society. However, in my opinion, we'd better live without nuclear power.

There are indeed a number of possible advantages in the use of nuclear energy. Firstly, nuclear power, except for accidents, is clean. Another advantage is that a nuclear power station can be more efficient than traditional ones. But, despite its advantages, nuclear power stations bring a direct threat not only to the environment but also to human civilization.

There is no doubt that nuclear fuels have a very high density of energy storage, but, on the other hand, it's also a horrible pollution source. Even only grams of uranium can destroy thousands acres of fields and its effect will last for hundreds of years. As we all know, nuclear power plant must run in a high-energy state, which is instable and difficult to control. Imagine a society with nuclear technology applied everywhere, once the nuclear control system breaks down; the leak of radiation will make the world a hell.

While many people believe that nuclear power is inexhaustible, I would like to warn them, these statistics can hardly be accurate. These estimates about nuclear fuels are made according to energy consumption in recent years. However, if nuclear era comes, a lot of nuclear-power facilities will be manufactured and our energy consumption will be raised to a new high level. In nuclear era, the application of nuclear power will result in a rapid grow of industrial society and finally take a toll on itself. In fact, there is no inexhaustible energy unless we learn to save it.

Furthermore, it is questionable whether nuclear power is necessary and economical. There have, for example, been very costly accidents in America, in Britain and, of course, in Russia. Compared with solar energy and wind energy, the cost of uranium in addition to the cost of greater safety provisions could price nuclear power out of the market. In the long run, environmentalists argue, nuclear energy wastes valuable resources and disturbs the ecology to an extent which could bring about the destruction of the human race.

Nuclear energy is powerful, but we have not obtained technology to handle it well. In another word, we are not ready for a nuclear era. Instead of being impetuous and take the risk of destroying our civilization, we'd better try to live without nuclear; after all, there are still many types



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