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One Great Person

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What is greatness? According to the Webster's dictionary greatness is defined as the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance. What would you use to measure greatness? What qualities must a person use to measure greatness?

For the most part the women surveyed stated that the one great person was a family member. One male stated his father. The women all named their mother not because of money, but because of selfless acts that they continually perform and the values installed in them from their mother. One described their mother as an inspiration to push to be better, she is strong educated, a mentor, and emphasizes family is the most important thing. The male that named his father rationalized his selection by stating his father came to the U.S. as an immigrant with nothing, but with hard work day in and day out he has started a family business and kept it alive during a time of financial crisis in the U.S. He has taught that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

Two people named political leaders. One named George Washington and stated that without him there would be no basis for the great country we live in. Another named Bill Clinton and she stated she chose him for the humanitarian work he did while in office and to this day as well as his accomplishment of having the lowest unemployment rate while he was in office.

One person named a science figure, Carl Sagan. He stated that he chose him because he rekindled the public's interest in science and astro physics during a time where the love of the final frontier was fading. He brought the new generation into the science community.

Interestingly, only one person named Jesus as one great person. He explained that he picked Jesus because he can do anything including the possible. He also went on to say, "Who else do you know that can turn water into wine?"

In general, according to this survey society is valuing and measuring greatness by people who perform selfless acts, put others in front of themselves, and those who inspire other people.



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