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One Law in Romans

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Paul spoke of more than one law in Romans. He mentioned the law of the spirit, the law of the written code. He also spoke of the law of the natural or human existence as the law of sin. In his writing Paul seemed to differentiate these several laws as distinct and different just as the natural world and the spiritual world are distinct and different. (place statements of each law from, Romans 7) If we believe that the Father cannot abide even the presence of sin then sin cannot exist within the realm of the Father. Yet there must be "law" in the Spiritual realm.....the will of the Father expressed by the Spirit. As joint heirs with Christ we are subject to that law. Paul clearly stated that our flesh is subject to the law of corruption or sin. I think it is important to differentiate Mosaic law as a covenant and the resurrection of Christ as a distinctly different covenant just as there are different distinct laws. Mosaic law, the Covenant between man and God, however, came to an end. Mosaic law was specific in that atonement was bound to the temple, tabernacle, arc of the covenant etc. How can law as specified by Mosaic law exist if the specifics of the law no longer exist? To the best of our knowledge the earthquake destroyed the tabernacle and the Roman army destroyed anything left. There is no way for man to meet the requirements of atonement as required by Mosaic law. The new covenant between man and God through Jesus as the sacrifice is distinctly different yet if fulfills the requirement of atonement. Jesus stated "I have not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it." In light of this I believe that Paul certainly believed that the doctrine of justification by fail upholds the law and that the spirit does somehow uphold the law in believers.



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