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Online Transportation Apps - Dacsee Analysis

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Essay Preview: Online Transportation Apps - Dacsee Analysis

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Online transportation apps such as Uber, Grab, and Go-Jek have disrupted traditional taxies and ojeks. But recently a new entrant has attempted to disrupt the disrupters. Dacsee-short for Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone, started in Thailand at the end of 2017 and it planned to launch in Malaysia in April 2018. Indonesia is a next possible destination. Dacsee uses community models such as blockchain and multi-level marketing to manage and control the drivers and thus promises better safety for passengers. Details about the company can be browsed online.

If you were the CEO of Dacsee and in the process of entering Indonesia market:

  1. How is the business landscape of online transportation app in Indonesia? Please use the 4C models for your analysis.

4C Models (Change, Customer, Competitor, Company)  can use TOWS (Threats, Opportunity, Weakness, Strength) Analysis to analize business landscape comprehensively.

TOWS Analysis





  • Revolt from Conventional-Driver
  • Local Government Policy
  • Internet Trouble
  • Tax System
  • Social culture
  • Digitalization Era
  • Customers prefer to be practical
  • Almost all people have mobile platform
  • Unexplore Business segmentation
  • High Consumtion Market
  • Trial System / New
  • No Safety Guarantee
  • Have no strong laws
  • Big Invest value
  • Transportation Subsidies

  • Mobile and desktop Platform / Practical
  • Easy Payment
  • Lower Price
  • Transparancy Tarrif
  • Easily to use (user interface)
  • Independent Company / Organization
  • Empowering People

Based on TOWS Analysis, then combined on 4C Diamond Models below

Change :

  1. Social culture on Indonesian are support and acceptable service that can make them more practical and easy to use, with a high consumtion capacity even almost every people has used smartphone in their daily activity, it can make indonesian socio cultural compatible with the service of online transportation apps offer’s.
  2. Market in Indonesia is variative and change so fast, in this era, people prefer to be practical in every service and product, it can make online transportation apps has so many chance to offer unexplore service to the market.
  3. Politic-Legal became one of factors affecting bussines in Indonesia, all bussines work must be related on the regional politic legal. If policy changes, the product and service in bussines has to changes too.
  4. Technology always grow and change, in digitalization era people compete with others to product a new technology, technology always being important factor in bussines. By technology, people can get what they want in one application.

Customer :

Customer demand is variative, some people looking for value, some people looking for luxury, and the other people looking for safety, we have to know about customer demand then we can target what kind of service we offer to customer. Online Trasnportation App offer the service related with custumer demand now, in future, if customer demand change, online transportation app have to develop new service to keep their existence.

Competitor :

Traditional (conventional) Driver will become a competitor to online driver, all customer needs (Practical, Easy to use, Low Price, Transparancy Tariff) make the online driver keep in strong position.

Company :

Change, Customer, and Competitor Should be Threat, and Opportunity, it has effect to Company’s Position, we have to manage all factor to strengh company’s position, or make the opportunity reduce the weakness. For example : to reduce government policy issue, we can offer to the government to make a new regulation of online transportation, cause online transportation give more benefit to the driver and customer even online transportation Company give many people a job (help reduce economic issue).

In this case, opportunity and strong’s factor has higher value than threat and weakness.

  1. Create a conceptual market segmentation of online transportation in Indonesia and decide which segment(s) you would like to target

Market Segmentation of Online Transportation in Indonesia will devide on some of the following Approaches:





  • Variative Age
  • Urban Region (for first Launching)
  • Looking for Safety
  • Digitalization lifestyle
  • Economic Demand
  • Practical
  • Transparancy Tariff
  • Easy to use
  • Chance to make own profit
  • Car driver / Taxi
  • Community and Group

Based on table that shown, i’ll focus on Psychographic and Behavioral wich is the key of the bussiness.

Market Segmentation of Online Transportation Application


Looking for Safety

Lifestyle and Economic Demand


Practical Customer with the other benefit (lower price, easy payment, easy to use app)



Community / Group that want a Chance to make own profit and Business



Customer segment targetting has limit to 2 point, there are :



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