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Only Visual Merchandising

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Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Visual merchandising commonly occurs in retail spaces such as retail stores and trade shows.

The purpose of visual merchandising is to:

 Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired category and merchandise.

 Make it easier for the customer to self-select.

 Make it possible for the shopper to co-ordinate and accessorize.

 Recommend, highlight and demonstrate particular products at strategic locations.

 Educate the customer about the product in an effective & creative way.

 Make proper arrangements in such a way to increase the sale of unsought goods.

Visual merchandising is the first impression. Customer gets attracted to the display, the whole store outlay, and then decides to enter the store it's a consumer psychology. VM is one of the major aspect that plays a very important role in increasing the sales of store Here in ONLY visual merchandising plays a really very important role, ONLY stores showcase VM that is a treat for the eyes!! VM is the strongest point of the company. VM not only helps in increasing the sales of the company but also guides how merchandise can be styled and how it can be worn. There are some set standards of the company to merchandize their clothes.

Window display

A display window most commonly called shop window or store window it is a window in a shop displaying items for sale or otherwise designed to attract customers to the store. Usually, the term refers to larger windows in the front façade of the shop. Display windows at stores usually have dressed-up mannequins in them.

Putting a window display of merchandise in a store's window is called "window dressing", which is also used to describe the items displayed themselves. As a figure of speech, "window dressing" means something done to make a better impression. Window is the mirror of the store that attracts the customers. Display keeps changing according to the new season launch, themes and story. A window display expresses the theme of the company, through clothes, posters, and merchandizing or marketing material.

ONLY's philosophy is wherever you go be it any part of the world your experience will be the same. So in every store you'll find same window display, same posters, same props, mannequin



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