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The Importance of Visual Merchandising

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Essay Preview: The Importance of Visual Merchandising

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The way a business display their products in ways that are appealing, accessible and attractive is call visual merchandising which has become very popular and plays a huge role in the business world. The importance of visual merchandising on retail businesses is the most important reason to engaged and inspired shoppers, to encouraged them to buy more of the products a business want them to, and to increase sales. With the help of visual merchandising, it can "create a pleasant and logical environment that really attracts the customer as it can attain the attention from outside the store as well because of its art of presenting the product." Customers only have a few second to view and be attracted by the displays so creativity and inventive window display is one of the skills a visual merchandiser needs in order to bring more customers inside the store. A visual merchandiser also needs to change the displays frequently based on how often customers visit the store and also based on current trends and concepts. A fantastic, but dated display could do more harm than good. Visual merchandising should have a role of interacting with the targeted audience. After all, first impression counts.



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