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Operating System Flaws

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When people purchase that computer or video game console that they have worked so hard for, the last thing on their minds are that it might not work correctly. There are many components that make an operating system function properly. And all of those different components work hand in hand. If there is one small piece that is thrown off, then of course it could possibly make the whole system not work. The most important aspect of this idea is the security that an operating system is implementing. There are four major operating system that is powering most of the computers these days. Although, many people will have their own personal opinions on which is the best operating system to use, all of those operating systems has its flaws within themselves. In a recent article, it stated that the security errors that are related to Microsoft Windows has to do with fundamental components of security, such as passwords, account lockout and audit logs (Naqvi, 2014). Microsoft became aware of these extremely nagging issues because users were reportedly complaining about not being able to get into their computer because of the operating systems. Because Microsoft is a closed-source platform the only way that there could be any changes or updates made to the system it had to be done by Microsoft. Over the years with all of the complaining that people that own this specific operating system has done there has been changes or patches that has fixed a few of those said problems but with technology constantly changing there will always be new problems that come up. Microsoft has implemented password crackers and other things to help fixed issue that were not able to be fixed with just a patch being pushed to the computer in the form of an update.

Another of the four major operating systems has been known as MAC OS since the 1980s. MAC OS is short of the word Macintosh which was developed for Apple Inc., for their line of computer systems. One of the major security flaws that MAC OS has had to deal with recently was that called Thunder Strike. Potential hackers were able to take control of a user’s operating system if the user was compromised by the malicious software. This was a major issue for MAC users because MAC has come to be known as one of the most secure operating systems that is out as of right now. MAC and Apple INC., has always taken the safeguarding of their users’ privacy information very serious. For instance, when I was working with Verizon when a member would call in with an Android device for things such as potentially having a virus or even general questions we could access their devices. The way we would access their devices would be by remoting into the device and from there we could see what they see and also control the device from our desk. The only operating system that we could not use this helpful feature with would be MAC OS and Apple Inc. The way the apple has combatted the Thunder Strike was by pushing a security patch that



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