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Operating System in Calculator

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In general , computer system have some resources which may be utilized to solve of problem . Resource of computer system is include memory , processor , input output ( I/O ) , file system and etc . There is two type of memory which the main memory is called Random Access Memory ( RAM ) , which it is checks the validity of each request and allocates a portion that not in use and deallocates when certain job had done . The second type memory is called as secondary memory or hard disk which it is function to keep the file permanently in the memory . The main function of the computer system is to manages all these resources and allocated them to the specific program and user . With the management of the operating system , a programmer is rid of difficult hardware consideration . Every operating system have hour essential managers which that is memory manager , processor manager , the device manager , and the file manager . The memory manager also called as Random Access Memory ( RAM ) or main memory is check the validity of each reques for memory space and it allocates a portion of memory that isn't in use when it is a legal request . Another that , a memory manager also have a primary responbility to protect the main memory occupied by the operating system itself , so that , it can't allow any part of it to accidentally or intentionally altered . The second resource which is manages by operating system is called processor . The processor are the basic unit of computation defined by the programmers . The processor manager is function to decides how to allocate the central of processing unit ( CPU ) and to keep the track of the status of each process . Once the processor manager allocates the processor , it sets up the necessary registers and table and when the job is finished or the maximum amount of time has expired , it reclaim the processor . The third essential manager of operating system is device manager . Device Manager monitors every device , channel , and control unit . Its task is to choose the most efficient way to allocate all of the system's devices , printers , terminals , disk drives , and so forth , based on the scheduling policy chosen by the system designers . Device manager makes allocation , starts its operation , and deallocates the device . The fouth essential manager of operating system is called file manager . File are an abstract resource of storage divices . Information stored in the main memory will be overwritten as soon as the memory is deallocated from a process . The file manager will keep track of every file in the system , including data files , program files , compilers , and applications . File manager also allow user to have read-only access , read-and-written access , or the authority to create and delete files . At last , file manager allocates the necessary resources and later deallocates them .

Operating system is need in all computer user . It have five categories of computer user which is home user , small office or home office user , mobile user , power user , and large business user . Nonetheless , all computer user are



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