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Community Profile Presentation - the City of Kelsey

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Essay Preview: Community Profile Presentation - the City of Kelsey

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Community Profile Presentation - The City of Kelsey

"A Great Place to Grow," is the City of Kelsey's slogan. The city was founded in 1932 by M. Kelsey. This community of 625,000 people currently and still growing. Kelsey is an earth-friendly community that promotes a better quality of life through service, environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles. The citizens of Kelsey are diverse with religion, ethnictics, love and respect for the community which they live. They are self sufficient and try their best to keep their money within their community. They also offer many venues for their children through high quality education. They strive for excellence and seem accommodating of outsiders working not only to benefit themselves but for the benefit of Kelsey. They accomplish this by taking pride in their city and what it has to offer.

Kelsey's organic farms and restaurant supply the freshest foods in the region. There historic downtown district offers a wide array of shopping and dining experiences. Kelsey also boasts one of the best school districts in the state. Due to the growth of the economy, they have a lot of construction and engineering jobs to accommodate the growth of the community. Like any other community they employ police, firemen, doctors, teachers, and utility workers who are all residents of Kelsey.

There are spectacular master-planned communities from some of the top home builders in the country. Many of them offer country clubs, parks, and golf courses surrounding one of the most pristine lakes in the region. For the adventurous types, there are several hiking trails that wind through the surrounding hills. The City of Kelsey offers different activities for adults, children, and families with numerous events:

o Annual Balloon Festival

o Monthly Farmers Market

o Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade

o Memorial Day Coed Softball Tournamentjavascript:activate_paper(151235)

o Annual 10K Marathon

On top of those events the community has as parks, an aquatic center and recreation center. Outings can include going to Lake Lora that offers boating, campsites, and sailboat rentals. There are various activities that can take place on the river such as boating, canoeing and a ferry ride to Baderman Island. Arts and crafts classes are offered for painting and pottery with a monthly art exhibit. Arts and Craft are also offered as an after school activity for the children.

There are responsibilities of the individuals of the community, as in any community. The community has the responsibility to maintain the desired atmosphere of the other individuals of the community. The community has to help the city government establish ground rules and maintain those rules. When the community



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