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Hr 587 - Managing Organizational Change - Vision Change Analysis

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Essay Preview: Hr 587 - Managing Organizational Change - Vision Change Analysis

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Vision Change Analysis Paper

DeAngela L. Dixon

Keller Graduate School of Management

Professor Derek Crews

HR 587 Managing Organizational Change

September 30, 2011

I. Introduction

Chapter 9 of Linking Vision and Change, Managing Organizational Change, Palmer states "visions can become useful when they are midway between these two, providing an engaging picture of the future with sufficient detail and description of the future so that people can relate to them in a meaningful way" (Palmer, Dunford, Akin 2009). An organization's vision, mission and strategy are essentially the "where, what and how". Any large change initiative that is not grounded by a clear vision, mission and strategy is likely to lose focus. The strategy links the mission and vision together, and communicates how the present (what) connects to the future (where). To be effective, mission, vision, and strategy, needs to be developed with large doses of dialog, communication, and collaboration to get the involvement and buy-in of people. Otherwise, they run the risk of being more management statements that don't amount to much.

A vision statement defines the organizations purpose through the organizations values. This statement communicates the purpose and values of the organization. It also gives direction to the employees and inspires them to give their best.

A mission statement defines the organizations purpose and primary objectives. This statement will make an organization stand out from its competitors and is the reason that customers will continue to support the organization.

Change strategies close the gap between the present and the "ideal future" as defined in the vision. Essentially, the change strategies translate the vision of what the organization is trying to become into specific strategies that will help to achieve it. It is the framework, derived from an understanding of the employee's and customer's needs, that describes the products, services, structure and work processes the organization is offering and should be offering in order to satisfy employee and customer needs and expectations. Change strategies must be described, understood and accepted by everyone within the organization.

II. Application Analysis

Church's Chicken is a highly recognized brand name in the QSR sector. Church's serves freshly prepared, high quality chicken at low prices. Church's proactively responds to today's current economic climate and raising food costs.

Church's Chicken

Vision Statement: To create simple, efficient operation to provide quests with freshly cooked,

quality fried chicken at an exceptional value.

Mission Statement: To be the best quick service experience. Being the best means providing



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